Music Video / 2018
Director / Cinematographer / Editor

Second single from Chicago-based Ohmme’s debut album, Parts, from Joyful Noise Recordings.

[In Post-Production]


Fiction / 2018 / Oregon
Director / Producer / Writer

After a deadly car accident, a queer activist couple are flung into parallel realities and must embark on a search between worlds to find each other again. [In Post-Production]

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Corpus Callosum

Experimental / 2014-2016 / California + Lebanon
Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer

CORPUS CALLOSUM is an experimental cinematic triptych about bondage, imprisonment and the terror of freedom. Framed by existing works of confessional and concrete poetry, it traces the haunting tensions between a masked jailor and his prisoner over the course of its 3 chapters. Read more here.


Fiction / 2016 / Los Angeles

NICOLAS explores the emotional and thematic landscape of child estrangement. Based on true stories, the film follows Nicolas in the aftermath of a physical fight with his estranged mother.

LEVON: A Wondrous Life

Documentary / 2013 / Yerevan
Director / Cinematographer / Editor
Levon is a 60-year-old rollerblader living exuberantly in the post-Soviet landscape of Yerevan, Armenia. He is aware of the struggles his people face, and understands why they are emigrating in droves. But that doesn't change his enduring belief in and contentment with the simple magic of being alive.

140 Drams

Fiction / 2012 / Yerevan
A young boy must go to the store by himself for the first time. When the 140 drams his mother gave him for milk are not enough, he has to make a difficult choice.

Watch BTS here.

The Good, Bad & Ugly of Ara

Documentary / 2011 / Los Angeles
Meet Ara: a flighty 23-year-old poster child for Generation Y. Some would say that he has misguided potential; others would just call him a hipster.

Armentsi: The Armenians of Bulgaria

Documentary / 2010 / Sofia
Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor
A young Armenian-American woman revisits her birthplace to understand how the Armenian community there has assimilated into the dominant culture since she left.